5 Things You Can Do NOW To Lose Weight

5 Things You Can Do Now To Lose Weight That’s Not Exercise

Finding time to exercise can be tough. We are ALL busy, but starting out on a health journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  There are small things you can do every day to help you make better choices.

  • Portion your food
  • Don’t eat your emotions
  • Drink more water
  • Food swaps
  • Only eat during a certain window

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How To Meal Prep

How To Meal Prep

This summer has been amazing!  I’ve started on an incredible journey of eating healthy consistently and more cross training to supplement my running. I’ve lost weight and gotten stronger.  I feel amazing and more confident than ever!

I’ve also started helping other women achieve their fitness goals- best experience ever!!!  As I’ve been working with women from all different fitness levels, one of the biggest hurdles is food!  Lots of people get so intimidated by meal planning and food prep! Don’t be!!! Continue reading

Miracle Morning

Have you heard of the book The Miracle Morning?  If you haven’t, google it right now!  You will find tons of YouTube videos of people talking about the Miracle Morning and how it has changed their lives!  After hearing so many recommendations for the book, I decided to read it.  The concept is super basic, but powerful.

He recommends getting up early. Every. Single. Day. I know, this sounds impossible.  I never thought of myself as a morning person.  As a mom of 6, I only recently even started sleeping through the night!  My mornings usually started with the kids waking me up demanding something, or I was waking up to yelling and screaming because they were fighting over something.  Not a peaceful way to wake up!Continue reading

1 Month of Instagram Ideas

How To Get Your First 2,000 Followers On Instagram

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Plus 1 month of ideas of what to post on Instagram

I reached my goal this month of 2,000 Instagram followers!!!  When I first started this site, I set up all my social media accounts, but I didn’t give much attention to Instagram. BIG MISTAKE!!  Instagram has been an amazing source of traffic to my website.  I soon realized that I was missing out on what Instagram had to offer.  I really started focusing, researching, and experimenting with how to be successful.  I gained most of my followers in the past few months! Continue reading

Get Faster! A beginner's guide to running form.

Get Faster! A Beginner’s Guide To Running Form

Form. Form. Form. Running form is soooo incredibly important!!  I cannot emphasize this enough! A lot of running pains occur because of improper form!  Whenever I run, I keep a mental checklist of what my body should be doing.  Sometimes I slip, especially when I’m tired, and my body lets me know if I’m not running properly. Yes, knee pain, I feel you, I’m heel striking again aren’t I?

Keeping proper form is not complicated, but sometimes it doesn’t come naturally.  My natural tendency is to over stride and heel strike.  This is a waste of energy, puts the brakes on every step, and is really hard on the knees.  I had to train myself to have a mid foot strike.  It was so awkward at first, but with lots of focus, it’s now second nature.  I even bought special shoes that encourage a mid foot strike.  They are a zero drop shoe, and I cannot recommend them enough!  They are wonderful!

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Summer Schedule For Sanity

Summer Schedule For Sanity
Summer Schedule For Sanity

Kids are out of school, summer is officially here. I’m excited and slightly terrified, ok, I’m a lot terrified.  I’ve never done summer with 6 kids before. Yikes.  I now have older kids who have activities they want to do and a baby who kind of complicates some of those activities so trying to find the balance is a challenge.  Deep breath.  I’ve learned that summer NEEDS a schedule- plans, routines, the works!  I’m trying to find a way to keep everyone happy so fighting is nonexistent (is that even possible?)  I also don’t want to plan too much and exhaust the kids because that creates grumpy and melt down prone children, ahhh the balance.

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10 Ways To Calm Down The Raging Child

10 Ways To Calm Down The Raging Child
10 Ways To Calm Down The Raging Child

Emotions are so BIG, especially when they are coming out of a small uncontrollable body.  Even as an adult, I have a hard time controlling my emotions sometimes, and being a parent brings out the best and worst in you.  So expecting my kids to control their emotions is like expecting my dog to be toilet trained.  I believe in teaching and providing tools for our children so they can learn to control their emotions, same as adults.  Sending children to their rooms to calm down or giving them time out is not teaching them to control their emotions.  Children need to learn to recognize, name, and tame their emotions.  Sending them to isolation may temporarily give you relief, but does not solve the problem long term.Continue reading

Choose The Best Running Shoes

How To Choose The BEST Running Shoes

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, SHOES!  And not just any shoes- running shoes.  When it comes to running shoes, there are millions of options.  How in the world are you supposed to know what is best for YOU?  The perfect shoe has more to do with your running style and the shape of your feet than the design or logo.  A little advanced knowledge of your running style and feet will help you narrow in on the perfect shoe with just a little bit of trial and error.Continue reading

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis- Prevention And Treatment

Heel pain, one of THE worst running pains ever.  Many runners are WAY too familiar with the ligament known as the plantar fascia.  While training for my second marathon, I suddenly started feeling that pain in the heel on the bottom of the foot.  I didn’t realize what it was at first, so I initially ran through the pain.  BAD IDEA!!  Once I realized what the pain was, I stopped my training and let my foot heal. When the pain went away, I started running again, but the pain started to come back.  I knew that I needed to find what was causing the pain. Then, I learned an easy trick, and the pain was immediately gone and has never been back.  I share this trick with every one I know, and so far 100% success rate. Continue reading

How To Prevent Side Aches

How To Prevent Side Aches

One of the worst things that can happen on a run is a side ache!  No matter what your distance, side aches can creep up and attempt to sabotage your run.  With a few strategies, you can prevent side aches and learn how to get rid of them mid run.Continue reading