5 Things You Can Do Now To Lose Weight That’s Not Exercise

Finding time to exercise can be tough. We are ALL busy, but starting out on a health journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  There are small things you can do every day to help you make better choices.

  • Portion your food
  • Don’t eat your emotions
  • Drink more water
  • Food swaps
  • Only eat during a certain window

Portion your food

This also means eat less.  I’m not talking about starving here, but stuff like don’t have seconds and eat half your meal at the restaurant. These food portion containers (on the left menu go to shop team Beachbody, nutrition and supplements, then click fixate) have made the BIGGEST difference in helping me to control portions, and when you are eating right there is plenty to eat.  When I’m following these portions, I do not feel hungry.  It’s all about balance and eating more whole foods that are nutrient dense.

Don’t eat your emotions

I really REALLY struggle with this one.  As a mom to six just downright CRAZY kids, I am constantly turning to food for comfort.  Yes, I frequently hide in my closet with a container of ice cream.  So, I’m working on this one right along with you.  This is what I’m working on right now- turning to healthier options like a bowl of fruit topped with a little bit of canned whipped cream, halo top ice cream, having a little bit of a treat but watching portions- stopping at one and telling myself there is more, I don’t have to eat it all now. Sometimes I have to count down, 5,3,2,1 and walk away.  Also, facing the emotions and problems head on instead of trying to hide from them makes a big difference!

Drink more water

Drink a cup of water before every meal and before you have seconds.  This helps! Especially after I finish my plate, if I still feel hungry, I drink some water and wait a couple of minutes.  I usually don’t feel hungry anymore!  Sometimes my brain takes a few minutes to realize, oh yeah, I’m full.  I don’t need any more.  Drinking more water throughout the day will help your body function better.  Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

Food swaps

This is a great way to start cleaning out your pantry and loading up on healthier foods.  Even just buying healthier versions of foods you eat can make a big difference, like buying cereal with less sugar and eating more Greek yogurt than regular.  Start with one item a week, and before you know it, you will be eating a more consistent healthy diet.  Some ideas- whole wheat bread for white, olive or coconut oil for traditional vegetable oil, plain Greek yogurt for sour cream, brown rice or quinoa for white rice, sweet potatoes for regular potatoes, and whole wheat pasta for regular pasta.

Healthy Food Swaps
Healthy Food Swaps

Only eat during a certain window

This means only eating between certain hours of the day like 9 am-6 pm.  This is also a form of intermittent fasting.  Giving your digestive system a time to rest can be very beneficial for your health.  Also, having a finish time at the end of the day can help you avoid eating those last minute foods at the end of the day that you really don’t need, cookies anyone?  Check out this link for more info on intermittent fasting.

You can do it!

You can start TODAY to make healthy choices.  Most of our health and fitness happens in the kitchen with what we put into our bodies.  You can see major differences in your health just by changing your diet.

I would LOVE to help you get started on your fitness journey.  Contact me if you have any questions or want more suggestions on how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.   


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