5 Things To Do When You Don't See Results From Working Out

You’ve been working out for what feels like weeks, waking up early, busting your butt at the gym, literally running that extra mile on the treadmill, but when you step on the scale…… no change.  Nothing kills your motivation to exercise more than that stubborn scale not moving.  Here’s what to do when you don’t see results from working out.

What To Do When You Don’t See Results From Working Out

  1.  Check your nutrition! This is the BIGGEST reason people don’t see results. This does not mean you have to starve yourself or cut calories.  It DOES mean eating balanced whole food- cut out the crap and fuel your body with wholesome goodness. Track what you are eating.  Sometimes you think you are eating healthier than you really are- you don’t realize how much you are snacking or how many times you actually have dessert- this happens to me all the time.  For help with portions- check out this.  If you don’t have time to make sure you’re getting everything you need every day to nourish your body- THIS is the solution for you.  You also have the option to bundle for even greater savings.
  1.  Add variety- Are you doing the same thing every week with no change? Switch it up. Are you just doing cardio?  Add some weights!  Are you just doing weights?  Add some cardio.  Every 3 weeks you should be switching up your routine.  No focusing on certain body parts on specific days- you’re body will get used to this and plateau.  (If this sounds too complicated, try THESE workouts- you are told exactly what to do, no guess work.  You can workout from home or at the gym.)
  1.  Increase the intensity- the more you workout the stronger you get, so don’t forget to increase your intensity and increase the amount you are lifting. Track your workouts so you know what you’ve been doing and how you can increase it.  Don’t be afraid to really push yourself!  You are stronger than you know!
  1.  Add a rest day- over training can be just as bad as under training. Your body builds and repairs muscle while you are resting, so don’t ignore this and maybe have 2 rest days, not just one a week, or have 2 rest days every other week.  If you are losing motivation, feeling exhausted all the time, or are always cranky- you may be over training. For an extra boost while recovering, try drinking THIS before bed to help replenish and heal your body while you sleep.
  1.  Find a support/accountability group- I never thought this was important until I joined one and then was blown away. I had WAY better results when I was a part of a group that checked in every day with workouts and nutrition.  We encouraged each other every single day!  I run accountability groups every month, comment below if you are interested in joining one.  I will also coach you one on one to help you get the best results- no extra charge!  We are more likely to succeed when we do it together! 











when you don’t see results from working out


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