Successes And Failures

I have to say that I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love how accessible everything is from recipes, DIYs, parenting advice, and everything else.  But every once in a while, I get sucked into a pin only to fine that it is not what it claims to be.  For example, I saw this pin for a delicious looking entree.  I was so excited to try it, only to find that if I followed the instructions, the dish would look NOTHING like the picture.  I still followed the instructions only to end up with an ugly and gross dinner.  I felt so deceived!  Every week I am experimenting with new recipes, work out tips, and homemade products.  I’m going to update on what I’ve tried, what works, and what didn’t work.

This past week I made two new recipes and started making my own almond milk.  The first one was a protein mango cookie.  I’ve been stepping up my running game lately, trying to increase my pace so when I saw this recipe, I was super excited!  A protein cookie was just what I wanted.  I immediately went to work.  I whipped up the batter in no time, but the cookies wouldn’t bake.  After leaving them in the oven way longer then the instructions said to, I finally pulled the mushy goo balls out.  It looked NOTHING like the picture.  Still, I was optimistic- I gave it a taste and yuck!  They were awful.  I won’t be making those again.  Ever.


The next recipe was a success.  I made this delicious chocolate pumpkin pudding cake.  This was really good and healthy.  Next time I want brownies or something chocolate- I am making this.  The only changes I made was using Truvia in place of the sugar in the batter, and I don’t drink coffee, so I used hot water instead.  It was sooooo good!

I am so in love with homemade almond milk.  It is so easy and saves money!!  I’ve been so skeptical of making my own, but a friend gave me a super easy recipe, and it is amazing!  I will be posting about this soon!!

almond milk

This next week, I am experimenting with homemade deodorant and some new recipes as well.  I’ll be using the deodorant for a full week so I can get a good feel for it before I report on it.  

Until next time!!