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Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, SHOES!  And not just any shoes- running shoes.  When it comes to running shoes, there are millions of options.  How in the world are you supposed to know what is best for YOU?  The perfect shoe has more to do with your running style and the shape of your feet than the design or logo.  A little advanced knowledge of your running style and feet will help you narrow in on the perfect shoe with just a little bit of trial and error.


First, let’s talk about your feet- arches specifically.  There are 3 types of arches, high, medium, and low. 


  • Arches that don’t flex
  • Pressure typically stays on the outside of your feet
  • Choose a neutral shoe to offer arch support and provide more even pressure
  • Asics Cumulus 
  • Brooks Ghost



Check out this questionnaire to help you find the best running shoe! 

Running Problems And Shoes

Do you have any running pains or form problems?  Some shoes are specifically designed to help relieve these problems like shin splints or plantar fasciitis.  I chose my shoes because they encourage a mid foot strike which helps with knee pain- and yes it actually works!

For relief from shin splints, try these 

Plantar fasciitis? try these 

Have a problem with runner’s knee? Check out these 

How about IT band issues? Try 

Achilles pain? Try  />

More info on choosing shoes here!

Other Guidelines

  • Make sure to buy a half size up from your regular shoe size. Your running toes need a little extra room.
  • Choose a light weight shoe- compare different brands. You may be surprised by how heavy some shoes are compared to others. As runners, we don’t need extra weight on our feet slowing us down.
  • Hold your shoe upside down and try to twist the sole. You should be able to slightly twist it.  You want a sole that allows some flexibility but enough support to keep you stable, unless you are purchasing a minimalist shoe.
  • Try them on and decide what feels the most comfortable.


Be prepared to spend around $100 on running shoes.  I usually can find cheaper prices online, but make sure you try them on before you buy or check the return policy.

If you’re really trying to find a good deal, look into buying older models of the brand you like.  You can usually find these on Amazon or eBay. 

My favorite

My absolutely FAVORITE running shoe is the Altra Intuition.  I seriously feel like I am running on clouds in these shoes.  They are super light, I dare you to find a lighter shoe, provide moderate cushioning, and they encourage a mid foot strike, which is something I need.  These are a zero drop shoe, which means the heel isn’t elevated (most running shoes slightly elevate the heel), and they have a large foot shaped toe box to allow your toes to spread out and grip- this helps maximize running performance.  This also helps your toes so they don’t rub against each other so much creating painful blisters, ouch.

Other Popular Shoes

I know several runners who swear by Hoka, Asics, and Brookes.  I ran in New Balance for years until I switched to Altras.  All great brands, just try them on and find what feels best for you!


Wondering what to eat during your runs with your new shoes? Check this out!

Or looking for a training plan to break in your new shoes? Check out this half marathon plan!

*This post contains affiliate links.  I only recommend products I have personally used, are high quality, and have improved my quality of life.  A teeny tiny percentage goes to me for referring you, thank you!


How to choose the best running shoes




  1. This literally couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I was just thinking last night while out running that I needed to buy some more. Thanks for your recommendations I’ll be sure to check them out this weekend!

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