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Plus 1 month of ideas of what to post on Instagram

I reached my goal this month of 2,000 Instagram followers!!!  When I first started this site, I set up all my social media accounts, but I didn’t give much attention to Instagram. BIG MISTAKE!!  Instagram has been an amazing source of traffic to my website.  I soon realized that I was missing out on what Instagram had to offer.  I really started focusing, researching, and experimenting with how to be successful.  I gained most of my followers in the past few months! 

Thank you for 2,000 followers
Thank you for 2,000 followers

7 Tips To Growing Your Followers On Instagram

Here’s what has worked for me in gaining my first 2,000 followers!

  • Edit photos- And I mean more than just using the filters provided on Instagram.  I use an app, Snapseed, on my phone.  It is not free, but totally worth it.  I use this to edit personal photos as well, not just for my Instagram account.  I always brighten my photos and then play around with the colors, shadows, and contrast a bit.  It’s super easy to use!!  I have posted some pretty awful photos, but you learn as you go!  Be mindful and make sure the photos are always good quality- don’t just throw something out there just to post.
  • Post consistently- I post once a day, but post up to 3 or 4 times if you have the time.  Create a pool of pictures you can draw from on off days or days when you are stumped with what to post.  Your posts should reflect you, your website, your brand, and the image you are trying to promote.  Don’t be afraid to switch things up!  I post a lot of selfies, but I also post motivational quotes, blog updates, and pictures of delicious food!
  • Engage- This is the most important!  Take time to like and comment on other people’s pictures.  I always respond to comments on my photos as well.  
  • Join Facebook groups to promote websites and other social media- I recently started joining Facebook groups to promote your website.  You guys, these groups are amazing!  Some of them are likes for likes, but most of them you post a link to Instagram (or whatever social media is the focus for the day) and then you choose at least 5 accounts to interact with.  I love this because you still gain an authentic following with people who are interested in your niche or whatever you have to offer.
  • Hashtags- These can be tricky.  It is easy to just use the same hashtags over and over.  Don’t fall into this trap! Switch up hashtags, at least a few, every post.  Look at what hashtags other people in your niche are using and copy them!  Be creative!  You can even just add ‘insta’ to the beginning of a phrase or ‘gram’ to the end.  For example, for my running pictures, I can use #instarunner and #runnergram.  Easy way to get 2 hashtags! 
  • Pay attention to your stats- When I first started my Instagram account, I didn’t want to post selfies.  I just felt too weird, and I couldn’t imagine that any one would care about my work out updates.  So I posted pretty pictures of where I was running, food, and motivational quotes.  But then one day I decided to just go for it, and I posted a selfie.  Holy cow! The engagement on that picture was the highest on any picture I had previously posted.  So I posted another selfie and my following started to grow!  It was crazy!  People were so nice and encouraging.  So I continued to post pictures of my runs.  It blew my mind!  My following just took off.  Give the people what they want! Ha ha!
  • Another app I use is Cleaner For Instagram.  Again, this was not free, but it was only a couple of dollars.  While this app doesn’t necessarily help you build your following, it makes it super easy to unfollow people who don’t follow you back.  It also has safe guards set up so you don’t get banned by going over the hourly limit.

I’ve also learned a lot in Blog Boss Babes, there are amazing tutorials in this group!

Focus on creating an authentic audience and your followers will grow!

Stumped on what to post on Instagram or looking for more creative ideas?  Check this out 1 Month of Instagram Ideas

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  1. Thanks for the information! I’m always looking for ways to build my Instagram following without buying followers or SPAMing other users. Facebook groups have definitely helped boost engagement for my entire dogital presence!

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