How To Meal Prep

How To Meal Prep

This summer has been amazing!  I’ve started on an incredible journey of eating healthy consistently and more cross training to supplement my running. I’ve lost weight and gotten stronger.  I feel amazing and more confident than ever!

I’ve also started helping other women achieve their fitness goals- best experience ever!!!  As I’ve been working with women from all different fitness levels, one of the biggest hurdles is food!  Lots of people get so intimidated by meal planning and food prep! Don’t be!!! 

Common misconceptions of eating healthy!

  • Too expensive
  • Too much time
  • Weird food
  • Tastes gross or at least not as good

None of these have to be true!! Let me show you how!

Too Expensive

Cooking from scratch does not have to be expensive.  Don’t be afraid to buy frozen or canned!  I spend $1,000 a month for a family of 8- this includes diapers, clothes, cleaning products, everything!! And we eat mostly whole foods, with the exception of some snacks for the kids.

Every week I buy bananas, apples, oranges, and some other fruit for the kids to snack on. Fresh veggies I buy every week- usually rotate between carrots, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, asparagus, and celery.  Then, I buy frozen fruit for smoothies, frozen veggies, and frozen meat.  I also buy yogurt and cheese a couple times a month.  These are my basics! Then depending on my menu, whatever I need for meals! Easy!


Time and money can often be at odds.  You can save time, but usually it costs more mula.  I like to buy prepped veggies, fruit, and meat to help save on time.  I love to get bags of fresh prepped veggies for stir fry and grilled chicken strips from Costco.  It makes it so easy to throw together a fast meal or salad.

One of the best ways to save on time is to plan ahead! Do some meal prep once a week- cook meat, portion out food, and chop veggies.  This will also help you save money if you take time to do the prep! This makes everything ready to grab and go!  Also, plan out meals for 2 days and then rotate those meals through the week- so you eat the same thing M,W,F, Su and T,Th,Sa.

Weird Food

Yes, I look through some healthy eating recipes and they have weird stuff, I’m not going to lie, but I don’t make those recipes.  I make what I like, some recipes I adapt and substitute ingredients for something healthier, but mostly I like things simple.  Yes, I like to try new things, but don’t over complicate or try food that looks gross. No duh, right?

Tastes Gross

Healthy eating is so full of flavor.  No blandness here!  I use a TON of seasonings and fresh herbs to spice up every dish. Seriously, so good, and I don’t leave out desserts! I eat something sweet every day, usually a serving of Halo Top ice cream or spray whipped cream with fruit.  I just watch portions and tell myself there is always more, I don’t need to eat everything right now.  You do not have to give up flavor for health!! Plus there are sooooo many healthy desserts out there.  This summer I made mini blueberry pies with a graham cracker crust. They were AHmazing!!!!  And even better, meal plan approved!

Meal Planning

Ok, now to the good part- meal ideas!!  Breakfast- I usually eat eggs every morning, fried or scrambled. Other yummy breakfasts- yogurt and granola, oatmeal (try overnight!), and protein smoothie.

Lunch- I keep it real simple, salads and leftovers.

Dinner- Dinners can be tricky.  I need to make something healthy, delicious, and kid approved.  I plan 6 meals a week.  Some of my staples- stir fry, chicken in the crock pot, zoodles, and now soup!!!

Here’s more links to meal planning and prep!!

Don’t be intimidated by following a meal plan- you can do it!!!

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