Have you heard of the book The Miracle Morning?  If you haven’t, google it right now!  You will find tons of YouTube videos of people talking about the Miracle Morning and how it has changed their lives!  After hearing so many recommendations for the book, I decided to read it.  The concept is super basic, but powerful.

He recommends getting up early. Every. Single. Day. I know, this sounds impossible.  I never thought of myself as a morning person.  As a mom of 6, I only recently even started sleeping through the night!  My mornings usually started with the kids waking me up demanding something, or I was waking up to yelling and screaming because they were fighting over something.  Not a peaceful way to wake up!

Now, my mornings start with peace.  I am able to spend time meditating and studying scriptures.  I am able to plan out my day, start with intention, and accomplish more!  It makes all the difference in my day! I promise, if you commit to it, you can do it!!

Here’s what my morning looks like: Wake up at 5:30 am.  I immediately go into the bathroom and drink a glass of lemon water (prepared the night before).  Next, to help me continue to wake up, I change into my exercise clothes, then I do a moment of silence.  During the moment of silence I sit quietly and focus on my breathing.  After a few minutes, I pray.  Next, I study my scriptures then read personal development books.  After this, I usually think about and organize my day- I make a to do list.  I visualize myself accomplishing my goals.  Now, I go exercise!  Lately I’ve been doing home work outs that are 30 minutes or I go running.  At this point, my children are awake, and I get them breakfast.  After they are settled, I go and shower.  In the shower I say my affirmations and do more visualizing.

It seems so simple and basic, but it really does make a difference.  Visualizing myself accomplishing tasks throughout the day actually helps me do them instead of putting them off, hello laundry.  I’m not sure how it works the- visualizing and affirmations, but something real happens when you throw that stuff out into the universe.

The Miracle Morning
The Miracle Morning

6 Tips To Get Out Of Bed

The hardest thing for me, is actually getting out of bed.  Here are some quick tips that I use to help myself get out of bed and start!  Sometimes that’s the hardest thing, just starting.

  • Start the night before-  As you are falling asleep, tell yourself that you will get up.  Imagine it in your mind.  Tell yourself that you will not be tired.
  • My alarm- I use my cell phone. Some people don’t recommend this.  They recommend using a traditional alarm clock set across the room.  I use my phone, but the alarm is a song that is kind of jarring.  It definitely wakes me up! So, use something that will wake you up! Whether the clock is across the room or its your phone blasting an upbeat song!
  • Drink water first thing- I prepare my glass of lemon water the night before so it is waiting for me.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Change into exercise clothes or shower.
  • Don’t do your moment of silence in bed.  It’s too easy to fall back asleep.

Your Miracle Morning can be as short as 6 minutes or as long as 2 hours!  You can take these strategies and fit it to your schedule! That’s what’s so great! You don’t have to get up at 5 am, you could get up 7 or 8 if your schedule allows.

Using the Miracle Morning has made such a difference in how I feel everyday that I just had to share!  If you haven’t read the book, get it here!  I read through the book pretty quickly.  The core message of the book is amazing, but there is a lot of fluff and repetition.  Skim through and get to the good stuff!

Let me know, have your read the book?  Do you get up early?  How does it affect your day? Comment below!

6 Tips To Get Out Of Bed
6 Tips To Get Out Of Bed

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  1. Thank you for posting about this book. My brother bought me this book last summer for my birthday and started reading but then quit in the hurried life. I am a week away from school starting and I know I need to remake our mornings.

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