Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain, one of THE worst running pains ever.  Many runners are WAY too familiar with the ligament known as the plantar fascia.  While training for my second marathon, I suddenly started feeling that pain in the heel on the bottom of the foot.  I didn’t realize what it was at first, so I initially ran through the pain.  BAD IDEA!!  Once I realized what the pain was, I stopped my training and let my foot heal. When the pain went away, I started running again, but the pain started to come back.  I knew that I needed to find what was causing the pain. Then, I learned an easy trick, and the pain was immediately gone and has never been back.  I share this trick with every one I know, and so far 100% success rate. 

The Trick to Getting Rid Of Plantar Fasciitis For Good!

Many times, running pain is caused by bad form and running too much and too fast- plantar fasciitis is no exception.  Once the pain starts, stop running and wait until the pain is gone before you start running again.  Now, for the trick- point your toe after each foot strike.  That’s it!  Easy right?  Almost too easy, but I promise it works!  When you point your toe, you are allowing the tendon to relax between foot strikes which prevents the plantar fascia from tearing.  Yes, stretching, massaging with a ball, and strength exercises are all great too, but pointing the toe is the trick to keeping plantar fasciitis away for good!

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis- Prevention And Treatment

Other Tips

Here’s some other great tips on how to get rid of plantar fasciits!

  • Start slow
  • Wear the right shoes- see video below
  • Stretch calves and bottom of feet
  • Deep tissue massage with tennis ball, golf ball, or rolling pin
  • If none of this works- see a doctor

Now get out there and run pain free!!


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