Summer Schedule For Sanity
Summer Schedule For Sanity

Kids are out of school, summer is officially here. I’m excited and slightly terrified, ok, I’m a lot terrified.  I’ve never done summer with 6 kids before. Yikes.  I now have older kids who have activities they want to do and a baby who kind of complicates some of those activities so trying to find the balance is a challenge.  Deep breath.  I’ve learned that summer NEEDS a schedule- plans, routines, the works!  I’m trying to find a way to keep everyone happy so fighting is nonexistent (is that even possible?)  I also don’t want to plan too much and exhaust the kids because that creates grumpy and melt down prone children, ahhh the balance.

Our summer schedule includes:

  • Daily activities
  • Personal Goals
  • Daily themes

Daily Activities

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Chore
  • Practice
  • Exercise

Reading is a no brainer, all kids need to read.  Writing is also a no brainer, and my kids have horrible handwriting.  Writing suggestions for them include: Older kids- writing in a journal, copy a poem, write a book Younger kids- name writing, letter writing, sight words writing.  Here’s some great books to use to keep it easy for you! I love this one for younger kids because it is reusable!!!

This book is fantastic for kiddos who need help improving their handwriting.

Costco always seems to have cheap workbooks around this time as well!


Everyday has a different chore-

  • Monday: clean your room day
  • Tuesday: Living room- pick up, vacuum and dust
  • Wednesday: bathroom (broken up into 5 jobs: sink and counter, floor, toilet, tub, mirrors)
  • Thursday: Living room- pickup, vacuum, windows
  • Friday: general house pickup- whatever’s messy, clean it up

Everyone works together until the job is done and everyone has to help!

I LOVE chore charts because the kids can look at the chart and know what to do instead of bugging you all the time.  This one is ADORABLE and easy to customize.

This chore chart is more visual for younger kids who need pictures. It’s so cute and has adorable reward magnets when the kids are done.


This is time to work on those summer goals.  Each of my kids chose something they wanted to get better at during the summer.  Here’s what they picked: practice for talent show in the fall, improve on instruments, get better at swimming, stop fighting, and get better at hiking.

And this is also time to practice those instruments!!


Or get outside, ride bikes, really anything besides staring at a screen!

Daily Themes

Ok, so all the rage on pinterest is the summer daily themes: Make it Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, you know what I’m talking about.  The alliteration is cute, but I just let my kids pick what they wanted and here’s what they planned.

Monday- theme day  This changes every week. One week is Medieval Monday, Minecraft Monday (Oh the alliteration), Egyptian Monday, Sports Monday, Nature Monday, Art Monday…really I’m just letting them decide.  They want to dress up, eat that kind of food, etc.  My kids came up with this idea all on their own, and I kind of love it.  They picked some historical eras (they got this from school) and it will be a great opportunity to get some learnin on during the summer!  And then they picked some fun themes that I’m sure are just an excuse to play xbox (cough, cough, minecraft).  To make this less stressful for me, I’m going to let them plan the theme days.

Tuesday- Cooking and eating.  So originally they wanted this to be treat day, but I was able to convert this into cook together and then eat together.

Wednesday- Game night. Some of our favorite games are:



Thursday- Free day, they wanted a day with nothing planned which I think is a great idea.  I don’t want to overwhelm them so having a day to just chill is perfect.

Friday- Lake day!!! My favorite- kayaking, swimming, and relaxing at the beach.


I asked my friends on Facebook what they do with their kids during the summer and got some amazing answers!  I was definitely inspired.  Here’s what some other moms are doing!

  • Morning is school work/reading, then a chore of their choosing and a chore of my choosing, practice piano or hobby, then swimming in the afternoon.
  • Some structure, keeping learning and academics fresh in their minds, daily chores, music practice, swimming, adventures, day trips, and planned downtime.
  • Library reading programs
  • Theme days- Move it Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, Wet Wednesday, Try Something New Thursday, Friend Friday
  • We don’t have a solid schedule but first exercise, chores, learning activities. Before school is out they choose a new skill they want to learn- major works of art, learn the names of the human skeleton, build our own beds, harmonicas, leather working, whatever they want!  We do open screen time between 1-3 and sometimes after 7.
  • We do one craft day a week and we make all Christmas gifts during the summer- neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, work gifts- this helps relieve stress during the holidays!

I’m super inspired by all the amazing moms out there!  We got this!

What are your summer survival techniques?

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Summer Schedule For Sanity
Summer Schedule For Sanity


  1. Wow, there are so many parts of this post that I absolutely love! You are so organized in your approach to the summer with the kids! By having fun activities, working on goals, daily chore list, you don’t leave anything out! That’s amazing! Keep it up!

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