Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Runners

Valentine gifts for runners

Whether your Valentine is a seasoned runner or just beginning, all runners love new running gear or memorabilia.  Shopping for runners can be easy because runners usually like practical gifts, and this list includes gifts that are also thoughtful.  Win win!

10- Running Gear: New socks (I like these ones), running water bottle, cell phone armband, running belt, runner’s stick, foam roller, Gu etc. Know what your runner already has and then surprise them with something new.  A lot of running gear would be nice to have but sometimes runners don’t want to spend the money, so receiving running gear as a gift is a nice treat.  I don’t recommend buying new shoes unless you know your runner really really well and know EXACTLY what kind of shoes they  like.

9- Treat the Feet: Runner’s feet get beat up and sore so a pedicure gift certificate, icy feet, foot massager, etc. are all heavenly gifts.

8- Massage:  Runners work hard and love to be pampered.  A gift certificate for a sports massage or one given by yourself will definitely be loved! Check out Groupon or Living Social for deals on gift certificates.

7- Running Jewelry: Most runners love to show off their accomplishments, even if they don’t admit it!  Custom jewelry is available for most races, or you can buy generic running jewelry for any distance.  If your Valentine is in training, there is lots of motivational jewelry as well.  It is easy to find something perfect for your special runner.  Check out this and this for some ideas.

6- Magazine or Cookbook:  Get them a subscription to Runner’s World, Women’s Running, or some other running magazine.  Running cookbooks with delicious healthy recipes are also great and helpful ideas.

5- Safety gear: This includes runner’s id bands, led bracelets, shoe lights, or anything else that will keep them noticed and safe.

4- Running clothes: New shirts, pants, shorts, you name it and runners love it!  There are so many shirts out there with clever running sayings, you are sure to find something to make you Valentine chuckle and then wear it with pride.

3- Running Art:  There are some really cool running photos that are beautiful and motivational.  Frame up a picture with their mantra or special motivational quote to hang up in their room. 

2- Frame their medals and bibs:  Making a runners keepsake by framing their medals/bibs/race pictures is an especially thoughtful gift they will be sure to love!  Or make them a medals rack to hang up all their medals.

boston marathon bib frame - Photo courtesy Fond Memories GraphicsPicture from here.

1- Sign up to do a race together:  Valentine’s day is all about showing your loved one how much you appreciate and love them!  What better way to do this then by doing what they love with them.  Commit to training and running a race with them.  This will provide you with lots of time together and a great bonding experience as you encourage and push each other to do you best.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!!

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